Plug and Play Rewards

Our simple but versatile SDK allows any app or website to plug right into our patented Rewards Platform to offer an unrivaled catalog of real rewards for your players.

Our software catalogs and fulfills redemptions from virtually any online retailer or marketplace, allowing endless curation and promotional opportunities for you to engage and deliver joy to your audience.

Minimal UI Components

A simple head-up display (HUD) allows players to navigate the entire rewards experience: From getting Tokens to play your games, to browsing the entire catalog to redeem their Tickets. Simply dock the HUD at the top or bottom of your game's main UI.

Latest and Greatest

Real-time queries on the Rewards Platform return updated images, available variants, and best prices converted to Tickets for your players to redeem. Instant ordering and shipping updates are also available to keep players engaged and excited.

Ready to supercharge your games?

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